Saturday, January 3, 2015

Zach, 27

With such a beautiful opening statement and tattoo originality I knew this man could be the one!!

Zach, 27 took me on my first official Tinder date and we decided to meet at a local bar. I never actually even heard of this place so naturally I yelped it. 
First of all this was the ONLY picture posted of the place
Second... check out these reviews 

So I thought... hmm maybe were just getting drunk? 
Ok so I'm totally just getting drink

my favorite.

So now here I am sitting at this awful bar with my jeans and leather jacket on. I hear the door open and I look back. Man in pony tail! Attention dirty man in pony tail! Abort abort abort. Mr. relentless and his ripped jeans had just arrived. 

Tequila at night makes the ripped jeans alright!

I gave him 20 minutes then pretended I had explosive diarrhea. The end. 

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