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Take Out or Tinder

          Dumpage: noun- the cluster fuck of emotions and emptiness you feel once your ass hits the grass... Yes dumpage. Okay yeah, I absolutely just made up that word but come on, everyone knows what I'm talking about. You have the boyfriend/girlfriend, the one that you think about all day long, the one you've based all your life dreams around, you probably even had a few Pinterest pins dedicated to this prince charming. Then one day its just all over, as if you blinked and your whole life now screams "LOOK EVERYONE SHES SINGLE". Now your left miserable and dying on the couch that Mr go lucky bought wondering which sounds more appealing, Take Out or Tinder.
        So here I am on that couch with a spring roll in one hand and my phone in the other, tearing up over the pathetic self destruction I'm enduring.  Swiping left in hopes of.. to be honest I really don't know what (does anyone know why they tinder?) Maybe its the sweet message from the balding 26 year old that makes it all worth while.
Either way, what I found out was that these comical men and women who occasionally send out these blunt and many a times degrading conversation starters were creating great stories. And with my newly single status, I can now date these wonderful people of america!!!  How I look at it, if you truly wanted to go on a date with some type of potential, you might avoid conversation starters with this..... or this..... or...yeah you get it..

Naturally I'm really talented at picking awful people to date, even when their not from the world wide web. So here are all my Tinder Tales and miscellaneous dates from yours truly - Dani Panky

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